Tasting Rieslings

I’ve been trying to sneak over and taste the Rieslings every 10 days or so.  Right now it is Justin and I tasting, as we are still trying to set up our DHL account to send Louis wine in France.  Imagine for a second if you’re a winemaker and have not tasted your wines since harvest.  Uggh, poor Louis.  In any event he should have the wines soon and we can all compare notes.  The idea is we will send all the wines once a month so that Louis can follow the evolution along with Justin and me.  These are just one of the tricks, along with video of the grapes ripening during growing season, that we’ve employed to keep Louis informed.

Back to the wines.  I’m very encouraged with the early stages of the evolution.  They are showing the texture and pureness we hoped they would.  It looks like our diligence with sorting and our fermentation regime is letting (not telling) the wine express itself.

I haven’t tasted Pinot in a couple weeks but that will be a year long evolution so I have time.