Big Birds and Pinot Noir

Howdy All,

As you make your wine preparations for Thanksgiving (the finest of all holidays?), consider that we’ve labeled up some of our Forge Cellars Pinot Noir 2011 just in time for your festivities.  We had a scare–our label machine became a little edgy and didn’t want to work, but thanks to Jason Hazlitt (co-owner of Hector Wine Co.), we have been able to label up a dozen or so cases of the new Pinot release for the tasting room for this weekend.

About the wine: 2011 was a challenge to be sure, but we went into it with an absolute focus on doing the best we could and we are thrilled with the outcome.  We sorted in the vineyards, we sorted in the winery (sometimes up to 40% being thrown away at a sickening slow and expensive pace) and we paid a level of attention to the wine’s evolution that was bordering on obsessive.  We had to; mother nature demanded it, and I feel like she tested us, purposefully, on our first vintage.  I can say this, we feel like we were ready and we are so proud of the results.   The wine shows such beautiful perfume and precision, around the winery we call it the “girl;” it has fineness, precision, purity and charm that is a joy to drink.  It was bottled with very low levels of sulphur and I think you feel this as the wine feels so alive and giving.  A joyful, aromatic and pretty wine to be shared in quantity.

Pricing?  It is the same as the Riesling…$24.

Happy Thanksgiving.