Family Affair

A few months ago I received a phone call from a retailer friend in Scarsdale NY, Vintology, asking if I would do a tasting with some customers.  I have been friends with Dean (the owner of Vintology – btw, great shop) for years and I of course said ok.  Low and behold the customers had 3 daughters in tow and I suggested that we all do the tasting (well, for the youngest it was smelling) and everyone joined in the fun after a short course on proper spitting techniques.  It was great to have meaningful discussions about what we tasted, smelled and even felt with “younger” people.  The morning was a real treat and finished off with the Cantor girls labeling and waxing bottles for the family holiday dinner.  I sincerely believe that this kind of meaningful interaction with younger adults (1 in college, 1 just about to start) about how to appreciate and respect the work that goes on in a winery lays the groundwork for responsible appreciation of this great elixir…Also, kudos to their parents for being way cool…

Cheers and I hope you are having a great Holiday season.