In a dark corner of Hector Wine Co….

…the Forge Cellars Riesling spends the winter, waiting, for its turn to bring joy to all those, come spring, that find their way to this corner of the Finger Lakes.

This is a picture taken by Arlo Ringsmuth of Hector, NY, who is real good friends with one of the gang that was in an earlier picture “protecting” the Riesling (a few posts back).  The gang member, Jimmer Bond, is now working over at Damiani/Davis Farms for our vineyard liaison, Phil Davis.  I hope Jimmer can still make time for Forge Cellars come harvest 2012.  Finding someone to scurry around on top of stainless steel tanks in flip flops will not be easy to replace.

Arlo, first bottle of Forge Cellars Riesling is on me….RR