Approved! Our Riesling label is official…

After a few tense moments, our Riesling label was approved by the TTB on Friday!   The approval process is always a bit of a nail biter because it depends on who “looks” at your label whether or not it gets approved the first time around.  The good thing is that the label approval process has been greatly improved over the last few years and especially in the last six months.  We have a few kinks to work out, but we are expecting to give our final approval to the printer tomorrow and in 5 or 6 days we will have labels and can place our stamp on our naked bottles. 

By the way, in the interest of putting less stuff into landfills, we will not have capsules on our bottles.  Instead, just a dribble of wax to protect the cork.  This is kind of “old school,” but I have always liked it on bottles (Marcel LaPierre comes to mind) and once you get used to opening a bottle (just stick the “worm,” or screw, of your opening device right through the wax) it is actually a nice thing.  Perhaps I will post a “how-to” video….

Next step…Riesling release.  Stay tuned.