Hat Tip to the Vineyard Worker

As you may know from my recent pictures on Facebook, I have found myself back in the vineyards after a 17-year absence.   The last couple of days were very rewarding. I really enjoy the solace that working in a vineyard can bring to the normal crazy pace of our existence.   You can only go so fast and you can only do so much, there are no short cuts and the work to-do and the work you’ve done are clearly in view.  It is very realistic and honest.

So you ask, “why are you spending time in the vineyard at the crack of dawn on your weekends and not home curled up in your AC and enjoying those few minutes before your son is awake ?” Well, our vineyard liason, Phil Davis, is back doing some part-time logging to supplement his wine habit (he is a Partner in Damiani) and his own vineyard crews are busier than ever just keeping up with his vineyards.  Additionally, the local Mexican contingent is short-staffed this year because, from what I’ve read, we have less overall migrant labor available than ever before.

The point of this little random thought is this – the work that these “professional” vineyard workers do in the vineyard is frankly amazing.  The skill and the endurance these workers possess in the vineyard is overlooked by most wine aficionados and certainly by a majority of the general wine consuming public.   So next time you’re out and about and some “workers of the vine” are in your local watering hole, buy them a nice local brew, because without them, it just wouldn’t happen.