1st Bottling and Bottling as Art

1st Bottling:

On June 11th we bottled our first vintage of Riesling.  Louis flew in from France for the occasion and by 3:30 or so in the afternoon we had bottled all 350 cs.  Labeling won’t take place until we receive final government approval of the label but that is okay as we need to let the wine “rest” a bit.  Why?  Believe it or not when you filter a wine, in preparation for bottling,  it really can throw the wine into a phase after bottling called “bottle shock” where the wine literally shuts down and says “piss off”.   Because I can’t wait, I have been trying a bottle every week or so to watch the progress as the wine comes back to life.  I would say, as of today, that we are around 75% of the potential of the wine.  The palate is back but the aromatics are still a bit closed. No worries, it will come…

Tid bit…James Molesworth, a fine Journalist from the Wine Spectator, tried the wine last week….in FRANCE! James lives in New York but had to travel all the way to France to taste our wine.  Of course, I’m kidding, James covers the Rhone Valley for the Wine Spectator so he was there to visit Louis.  I think James was interested to see what we have been up to so Louis took back a bottle to sample with James while in Gigondas.  We look forward to seeing what he has to say about our little project.