First “trade” visitor and more importantly…1st from Brooklyn!!

Dewi and I hosted Spencer Harrington and his wonderful family for dinner Sunday night.  What did we cook?  Cornell Chicken!!  This may be the summer go-to meal, along with tomatoes from the garden, when we host our friends that are in the industry.  It goes REALLY well with Riesling and cool climate Pinot/Cab. Franc. Spencer is a very, very well respected wine sales person in Brooklyn.  I first met Spence nearly 12 years ago in Provence where we and a bunch of other reps shared a house that was the prize of a sales program we had all won.  Well, actually I didn’t win anything, I happen to be one of the French buyers at the time for Winebow and was there working, so I crashed their party for the week…nice huh?

Here is a picture of Spencer and I last evening in the Forge Pinot vineyard over at Sawmill Creek.  I am so proud of this vineyard as I think my weekend work is showing promise.  We will know more in the next few weeks.

Great to be able to share what we are doing with someone like Spencer.  Most of us in the “business” dream of doing something like this.  I look forward to welcoming more of our industry friends and showing them our beautiful region.