Eric Asimov – New York Times

If you have a moment you should read this interview (part 1) with Eric Asimov (  It is really insightful about the wine world.  I think he is another great wine writer that is worth your time.  Take for instance this small portion of the interview about how we tend to lump wine all together…more to say below:

What are the issues that are important to you today?

One of the things that’s important to me is for people to start thinking of wine more like the way we think of food. I don’t just mean wine is something that belongs on the table. The way we look at food is a lot more nuanced than the way we look at wine.

We take for granted that the fine dining experience exists in a different world than the fast food experience or the franchise restaurant experience. But when it comes to wine, we lump the whole world in one. That leads to holding up Two Buck Chuck and Yellow Tail and mass-produced commodity wines right next to wines that have been produced on small estates by families for hundreds of years. I think they’re very different and it’s important to recognize that. I’d like to see a more fine calibration when we look at wine, rather than lumping it all together.

I’d like to see people talking about wine in different ways. The tyranny of tasting notes is such that people can’t find anything else to talk about. I don’t see how saying what types of fruit you taste in wine tells you anything about the wine. I’ll have a lot more to say about that in a book [“How To Love Wine: A Memoir and Manifesto”] I have coming out in October.

RR – So – why does this strike a cord with me?  I hope through our packaging, labeling and how we tell our story, here on the web-site, that people understand that we are part of the wine world that values tradition, time honored hand crafted-techniques and that when you can, you support those individuals, no matter where in the wine world, that carry on this craft.  These wines, will always, by their nature, be a bit more expensive but I think you’ll find that they are worth it.