Congrats to our Friend and Partner, Louis

RR here:

We do try and keep our day jobs a little separate from our “night” jobs, being Forge Cellars, but when one of the team knocks it out of the park in his “day” job we have to take a moment to wish him the best.  The latest issue of the consumer/trade magazine, The Wine Spectator, just came out and Chateau St. Cosme (Louis’ day job) did fairly well…actually, that is a huge understatement, he did outrageously well…99pts anyone?  My day job is in the import/distribution business and I know the ups and downs of the impact of the press.  It can be great and it can be your worse nightmare, so frankly, I take it all with a grain of salt.  I always say to my producers (Ravines is one) that the press is the gravy on the potatoes, if you have great potatoes, then you can always do without the gravy…that is the Southerner coming out in me.  I must say this though, being a reviewer, sorry, a respected reviewer, is very difficult and anyone that has had contact with James Molesworth (the writer for WS) would say that, even though you may not always agree with his scores, he is a true professional and “gets it,” as we say in the business.

I just couldn’t help myself from giving a hat tip to Louis and his team’s work in Gigondas.  His influence on Justin and me has been profound and I’m really glad I/we have the opportunity to work with such a great winemaker and a heck of a human being…..But with all that happy stuff now comes the real test, making wine in a COOL CLIMATE!!!  Let’s see what the press says now Mr. Sunny Warm Provence GUY!!  Yahoo to the future of FORGE!!

Congrats again to knocking it out of the park from your friends in Hector,

The U.S. Arm of the Forge Team – Justin, RR, Alex and the Hector Wine Co. Family