Burnin’ one….

I have always wanted a nice 4-pack of good wine that I could stash away for a “rainey” day to be shared with a small group of friends.  Nothing better than trudging up the stairs with a dusty, branded wooden box in hand to set the mood.  Well, I looked around for a producer but figured, that though I am not a furniture maker, I could probably handle building a box that would securely hold 4 bottles of Riesling (and later Pinot) with the mark of Forge Cellars branded on it.  These will be limited, but if you think you want one, we will have some at the winery or just shoot us a note and we will stash one for you when you’re in the neighborhood next.  I will post a picture asap of the final product…just in case you have your doubts about my carpentry skills.  Oh yeah, no extra charge for the box, just thought of you cracking one open with some friends and knowing the fun that will result is plenty of payment for us.  We use New York state pine, locally milled.

4 bottles of 2011 Forge Cellars Riesling in wooden box – $96