In an instance it could’ve been gone….

I’ve heard about it while working in Burgundy…whole villages’ harvest decimated in a blink of an eye from hail.  You hear the stories and you think you understand what it must feel like, but trust me you don’t.  About 3 hours ago, I’d just returned to my home in T-burg from Seneca Lake.  I’d been checking on the boys and girls over at Hector Wine Co. to see how their harvest was going and I’d enjoyed a quick bite at the Stone Cat Cafe with my son.  That’s when it started.  At first it was a slight “ting – ting” sound outside on the porch and it slowly become a “thwack-thwack” with greater and greater intensity.  I knew what it was, but I was still stunned when I looked.  Hendrix kept talking but I couldn’t hear a word.  I just kept thinking about our, (about everyone’s) harvest, being pummeled to a wet pulp by nearly golf ball-sized hail.  I made my way to the door and literally was in awe at what mother nature was throwing at us.  These were the size you get from a standard ice cube tray!  I frantically called Justin…no answer.  I texted him and asked, “How bad is it?!?!?”  He called back and said, “Not great, it rained again while we were trying to press Pinot Blanc…a general pain in the ass today has been” and I said, “Is that it?  No hail?”…”Nope….none.”  Phew.

Tonight, we dodged a giant bullet.  My heart goes out to others that may not have been so lucky.