Evolution update:

Riesling 2011: The Riesling is finally relaxing a bit and starting to show more minerality and length.  It has been an up and down ride since she was bottled but I think the youthfulness has now found its place and true evolution is starting to happen.  This will be fun to watch and we predict come spring time she will sing a glorious song and will continue so for some time.

Pinot Noir 2011: The first few months after the October bottling our Pinot was so fragrant and alive that I was frankly stunned,  typically you will see that wines tend to shut down after bottling.  This was not at all the case but now I’m afraid it is.  Don’t despair, air with our Pinot is a fine pair!  In other words, decant it.   It doesn’t matter how you do it but let that Pinot breathe.  We opened it the other night and put it in a decanter and a full 24 hours later the wine was totally different.  Broader, juicier fruit and with a more complete texture.  Don’t ask me why this happens, but it does…especially to wines that tend to be made in a more hands-off method.  We didn’t fine or filter the Pinot and used VERY low levels of sulphur.  This does suggest that the wine is going to have very good ageing potential.

Feel free to share any insights you may have on the wines, we are always interested.