What James Molesworth (Wine Spectator) Drinks

I had a friend in the wine business (Matt Cain who owns Y&B wines, http://www.ybwines.com/, who by the way is one of the most forward thinking guys in the business…organic, real wine in a handy Tetra-Pac…just brilliant) send this over to me:

“On Twitter from James Molesworth: @jmolesworth1: What I’m Drinking: (WS91) Forge Riesling Finger Lakes Dry 2011”

Nice to see the journalist that gave us a great review also DRINKS our wine.

BTW – I’ve been wrestling with what to do about our web-site.  I am not one to spend gobs of money on a web-site as I’m not sure it is ultimately worth it, of course, if you are selling sweaters and shoes of course it makes sense but for us I wonder.  Other than the fact I tend to be naughty about updating it, who isn’t?, is their a function you would LOVE to see (Yeah, spell check. he says)??  In case your wondering why I’m stingy with the dollars, I would rather spend it on making better wine…if I can give a grower a bit more money to hire someone to do better work in the vineyard I would rather do that and deal with a not super cool web-site.

Have a good one.