2013 Forge Rosé Released

 We thought you might like to know….that the 2013 Forge Rosé has been released!

Ah, so much to say about rosé.  Do you talk about the pressures to release in March, you know, to be the first on the block?  How about the idea of blending white and red together?  Should the wine be sweet, or dry?  What grapes work best for great rosé?  What regions make the best, most interesting examples?  Does rosé age?  How cold should you serve it?  I’m not sure if I’m qualified to answer all of those questions, but I can tell you this about the Forge Rosé…

The grapes, 100% Pinot Noir were handpicked and later sorted.  They were sourced from Sawmill Creek Vineyard, from our lower block of Pinot (.7 acres) that was maintained with Pinot Noir Classique in mind…Mother Nature had other plans so we adapted. The Pinot was crushed and de-stemmed with 32 hours of skin contact.  We fermented the juice to dryness in all stainless steel.

We are fortunate in that we made about 91 cases of Rosé this year so we are under no pressure to release early.  We can take our time and let the wine evolve at its own pace.  If we made 5000 cases of rosé well, that may be a different story.  We make Pinot rosé because it is not easy and we like trying to wrap our head around it and secondly, if we get it right, it can be delicious.

We just bottled this past Tuesday and so I would recommend giving it a chance to “recover.”  Often, the first couple of weeks after bottling is a bit of a hangover for the wine.  That being said, I opened a bottle last evening and re-tasted it again this morning and was really happy.

But now the important part: How does it taste?

On the nose we found  cherry pits and skins with ripe strawberry.  They grow a lot of cherries at Sawmill in addition to grapes…could it be? On the palate, the wine eases in very gently with the broad cherry-strawberry flavors kicking in along with the stone/mineral component.  The structure is substantial.

The rosé this year is not a one shade-away-from-white wine kind of rosé, it is fairly dark and electric.  It is not a “little” rosé that you sip with one finger in the air.  This rosé is a bring-on-the-grilled-sausages, flavorful-foods kind of rosé.  Will it age?  I am willing to bet by August it will really sing!  We had our last bottle of the 2012 in September and were just all smiles and giggles.

The rosé is bottled, the weather is clearing, the holiday is upon us…summer has begun.