Forge Cellars Pullover

We have been working with Jesse Beardslee, owner of Themis and Thread, to produce a truly local pullover that our friends in the vineyards and our friends that follow Forge would be happy to wear.  I will see the latest design this afternoon…in the meantime take a look at a letter Jesse sent out to her customers:

Thanks for signing up for Hector Pullover Exclusives: updates on the collaboration between Themis and Thread and Forge Cellars.  It’s been a busy week!  Final details are coming along nicely for this premium piece of menswear, developed just for this incredible winery.  We’d like to take just a minute to share some background from both the manufacturer and retailer to get us all acquainted with each other. 

My name is Jesse, I am the designer/creator/owner at Themis and Thread.  I studied Fashion Design in Florida and have been designing and creating clothing for over a dozen years.  I opened my micro-manufacturing fashion business in May 2013, here in Hector.  I grew up in The Finger Lakes and have been in vineyards and wineries my entire life.  I’ve always seen fashion and wine as a perfect fit!  I have known Justin Boyette (Barruol, Rainey & Boyette making up the trifecta that is Forge Cellars) most of my life and have loved his wines everywhere he has made them.  He has introduced me to great wines and times and friends, like Rick Rainey and Louis Barruol.  Rick came to me with this idea of creating a really great, heavy duty, we’ll crafted, twill pullover that was rugged and functional enough for vineyard work, stylish enough for a fine wine pairing event, and easy enough to grab on your way out the door without thinking twice about how great you’ll look.  Locally made with 100% American made components was something important to us both, so the sourcing, designing, testing, and eventual prototyping began!  I’m proud to say that we did not sacrifice any portion of our goal, and the sampling process is looking just great!  I’ve enjoyed working with Rick as my co-designer and it’s been fun getting to know him better, I’m sure you’ll agree he’s a passionate and goal oriented man.

Interestingly enough Rick moved to the Finger Lakes nearly 20 years ago to make wine after his multi-year stint in Philadelphia, where he worked for the Ritz-Carlton.  He may be goal oriented but is also patient; Which is why it has taken Forge Cellars 3 years to find the right wearable retail item that best represented the devotion to quality that makes Forge Cellars such an outstanding winery.  After all, we will be sending a stack of these pullovers back to Gigondas France, where Louis’ vineyards are, so we needed to make sure they were extra special!

Current Details
-13oz dusty brown twill color we call Terroir, 100% cotton made in New Hyde Park, NY
-undyed 100% cotton thread makes up the seems and top stitching, from Fairhaven, MA
-leather patch made in Portland, OR
-embroidered details stitched in Hector, NY
-buttons carved in Hector, NY
-everything assembled in Hector, NY

hope to offer final product and pricing details with you very soon.  If any of you are excited enough to share size and quantity order requests with us now, please feel free to email head designer Jesse Beardslee at to be the very first to get The Hector Pullover.  Stay tuned for more soon!
If you know anyone else who may be interested, help them sign up!
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