Thinking About the Future – the Battle Happening on Seneca Lake

Many people ask me about our partner, Louis, who is respected the world over as Winemaker and Proprietor of Chateau St. Cosme. I am always quick to point out that he has his own vineyards and ultimately, he is a grower first and then a winemaker. He is extremely connected to his home and his land (both in the family for hundreds of years), as well as his region.  What I find very interesting, and I have seen this with other growers, is the ability to have a vision for the future by understanding the past:

“The great vineyards and vines I have now are not because of me, but because of my grandfather and father. The game is to think 20 years ahead. So 14 years ago I saw climate change occurring, and realized I needed vineyards that would be able to handle the change. I had to think about my children.” (

Yesterday, 500 people showed up on the southern end of Seneca Lake in a selfless act to protect our waters for our children and the generations that will come after them.

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