Apples a Vineyard!?

We planted approximately 95 mostly apples trees and some pear thrown in for good measure.  All of these trees were a super kind gift from our friends Autumn and Ezra at Eve’s Cidery.  They needed a good home for their extra trees and I assured them we had just the place.  One of the core ideas that I have for our development at Matthews Road is lots and lots of biodiversity.  I envision many different kinds of fruit trees, blueberry and raspberry bushes along with chickens, ducks and the occasional sheep.  At St. Cosme Louis talks about how his mother always came to the vineyard le Poste to pick the best fruit, the best thyme, the best…and the list goes on.  He is very careful to not disturb the terroir in this vineyard as it is very diverse and he believes this is one of the elements that helps to define the high quality of le Poste.  Across the estate he practices this, the absence of mono-culture,  leaving trees and bushes and not clearing the land just for efficiencies sake.  Hopefully the apples will be just the first thing we plant and we can create and expand upon our own very diverse terroir here in the Finger Lakes.