The Skinny on Eve's Cidery

Imagine a winery owner that isn’t talking about themselves for a moment…odd I know, but here I go.

If you like the wines of Forge Cellars then you should drink Eve’s Ciders.  Dry, crisp, focused with tons of interest and wait for it…TERROIR!!  They are really that amazing and I think ciders of this quality (go to the CiderHouse this weekend to explore all the great regional producers) are going to rattle the foundations of the sparkling wine/Champagne business in the U.S.

Think about it, for less than $20 you can get hand-crafted, traditional method cider (Champagne method – secondary fermentation in bottle to naturally create the bubbles) that was grown with the deepest respect for the land and that is made on a scale that makes you wonder how they can afford to do it.

Compare that to the industrial stuff you would tend to get in that price range and you will see why I am more than happy to give up the spotlight for a moment to give you the skinny on something that we (including the Frenchman) love to drink.

Read the most recent article from the New York Cork Report featuring Autumn Stoscheck of Eve’s Cidery.