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Cedar Posts in the Vineyard

cedar vineyard posts
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cedar vineyard posts

Steel - Pressure Treated - Cedar: all ways to build a trellis for your grapes, and all have their own benefits.  Steel lasts forever.  Pressure treated lasts for a really long time.  Cedar lasts a long time and also has the benefit of allowing you to be certified organic if the need should ever arise.  Of course, you can do the same with steel (which Louis uses in France at St. Cosme), but I made a big executive decision and decided to go with cedar.  I waffled back and forth and then Phil Davis mentioned he had cedar posts in his vineyards that had to be at least 75 years old. So I thought, what the hell, lets give it a try. 

Interesting side note-- when I was in the vineyard as the posts were being laid out, I felt a certain pleasure at looking at all the cedar ready to be pounded into the earth.  The smell was nice, the colors were interesting, and for some reason, they struck me as uniquely part of the vineyard.  Not to become too “biodynamic” on you, but I did feel that it was the right choice.  We will see in 8 or 10 years if they all start rotting and snapping in half! Surely, all those Adirondack chairs can't be wrong.

I hope it is possible one day to be organic and I suppose picking a suitable post is a good first step.