Reviewed by James Molesworth

dry riesling classique

2017 vintage
91 POINTS - Jasmine and mustard seed notes lead the way here, backed by a mix of yellow apple, mirabelle plum and citrus oil flavors. Shows good intensity through the finish. (Web Only - 2018)

2016 vintage
Rich and focused, with citrus oil, jasmine, yellow apple and mirabelle plum notes melded together and carrying through the straw-tinged finish. (May 31, 2018)

2015 vintage
#31 TOP 100 WINES OF 2017
SMART BUY & 92 POINTS - Weighty for a Riesling, with a rounded feel and layers of creamed yellow apple, white peach and persimmon flavors. Delivers energy and cut throughout, with lemon pith, citrus oil and chamomile accents filling in. Shows length and range through the finish. (Oct 31, 2017)

2014 vintage
TOP VALUE & 91 POINTS - Jasmine and citrus oil notes lead the way, followed by lovely lemon curd, white peach and yellow apple fruit flavors. The long, stony finish is very pure. (Feb 29, 2016)

2011 vintage
91 POINTS - This is pure and piercing, featuring a gorgeous persimmon, nectarine and white peach core flanked by a lightly singed almond husk and lanolin notes, with a long, honeysuckle-filled finish. Features an exotic profile and a unique mouthfeel, but stays pure and focused overall. Thoroughly distinctive. (Dec 31, 2012)

dry riesling les alliés

2016 vintage
92 POINTS - This shows a mature profile, with almond, yellow apple and ginger notes inside a lightly waxy frame, but still supported by a zing of acidity on the apricot-tinged finish. Distinctive. (Oct 15, 2018)

2015 vintage
91 POINTS - Rich, with good intensity to the mix of apricot, nectarine and peach flavors, lined with bitter almond and ginger notes through the lengthy finish. Has weight and zip. (Feb 28, 2018)

2014 vintage
TOP WINE & 92 POINTS - Plump up front, with mature notes of lemon curd, marzipan and apple gelée, but this shows a taut thread of acidity and twinges of chamomile and honeysuckle through the finish for added range and energy. Displays a creamy edge, revealing a tension through the middle that imparts a distinctive feel. (Feb 28, 2017)

2013 vintage
90 POINTS - Focused and pure, with lovely anise, ginger, blanched almond, pear and mirabelle notes that stretch through the long, mineral-edged finish. Shows excellent range and tension, delivering a very distinctive mouthfeel. (April 30, 2015)

2012 vintage
92 POINTS - Ripe and distinctive, with a creamy edge to the Jonagold apple, heather, honeysuckle and jasmine flavors. Shows well-buried zip through the finish, adding length and definition. This is a step ahead of the pack. (April 30, 2014)

dry riesling single vineyards

2017 Leidenfrost Vineyard
90 POINTS - A jasmine note leads off in this white, followed by grapefruit gelée, verbena and white peach flavors. A nice quinine streak gives the finish some needed tension. (January 31, 2019)

2017 Peach Orchard Vineyard
91 POINTS - Mustard flower, white peach, verbena and green almond notes give this a distinct profile, while a creamy frame and a lingering quinine streak add range and length. (January 31, 2019)

2017 Breakneck Creek Vineyard
91 POINTS - Juicy and vibrant, with jasmine-gilded yellow apple, melon and mirabelle plum flavors backed by flashes of verbena and green almond on the finish. Shows lots of range and energy. (January 10, 2019)

2016 Leidenfrost Vineyard
93 POINTS - Rich and intense, with persimmon, orange blossom, lemon curd and citrus oil flavors, this has breadth and depth, while mouthwatering streaks of quinine and chamomile give this tension and energy through the lengthy finish. (April 30, 2018)

2016 Lower Caywood Vineyard
92 POINTS - Long and lively, with a delightful display of chamomile, honeysuckle, yellow apple and quince notes underscored by fine minerality. Light wax and almond accents add range at the end. (April 30, 2018)

2016 Sawmill Creek Vineyard
90 POINTS - Offers solid ripeness, featuring notes of yellow apple, jasmine, persimmon and citrus oil. The finish is lengthy, with creamy edges offset by tension through the middle. (April 30, 2018)

2016 Wagner Caywood East
92 POINTS - Yellow apple, quince, honeysuckle and verbena notes stream through, gilded with light lemon curd and orange blossom notes. A flash of brioche adds seduction on the finish, maintaining tension and precision throughout. (April 30, 2018)

2015 Leidenfrost Vineyard
91 POINTS - On the richer side, with a mix of nectarine, tangerine and peach flavors that are broad but still have ample cut thanks to quinine, orange zest and honeysuckle notes zipping through the finish. Distinctive. (Oct 31, 2017)

2015 Lower Caywood Vineyard
91 POINTS - Rich, with layered flavors of creamed yellow apple, mirabelle plum and persimmon, backed by a lemon curd– and heather-infused finish. Shows lovely paraffin and bitter almond notes in the background. (Web Only - 2017)

2015 Sawmill Creek Vineyard
90 POINTS - Mature, with a broad texture and notes of heather, ginger and cardamom emanating from the core of creamed yellow apple and persimmon flavors. The long finish shows a frank brioche accent, but has the underlying tension to pull it off. (Dec 31, 2017)

2014 Harvest Ridge Vineyard
90 POINTS - Juicy and engaging, with ginger, peach and yellow apple notes, backed by a racy melon rind edge through the finish. Solid. (Feb 29, 2016)

2014 Sunrise Hill Vineyard
TOP WINE & 92 POINTS - Pure, with yellow apple, anise, honeysuckle and jasmine notes that glisten through the long, racy finish. Shows length, cut and precision. (Feb 29, 2016)

pinot noir single vineyards

2016 Leidenfrost Vineyard
90 POINTS - Enticing, with a mix of blood orange and mulled red currant fruit that stretches out nicely over finely beaded acidity. Light wood spice, anise and incense notes weave in on the finish. (Oct 15, 2018)

2016 Sawmill Creek Vineyard
90 POINTS - Focused, with a good core of gently mulled red and black cherry fruit laced by fresh acidity and a singed sandalwood note. A light mineral edge adds length and cut on the finish. Nicely done. (Oct 15, 2018)

pinot noir les alliés

2015 vintage
90 POINTS - Alluring black tea, singed cinnamon and shaved vanilla notes meld into the core of gently mulled red and black cherry fruit. Features both silky and earthy nuances through the finish, giving this range and length. (Web Only - 2018)



Reviewed by Kelli White

2014 dry riesling classique

93 POINTS - Brilliant gold in hue. A low-toned, savory nose of white sage, lemon juice, oyster shell, and subtle flowers introduces this wine. The palate is dry but creamy, boasting impressive texture weight and balance. The acidity swells across the tongue, concluding on a rocky, smoky finish evocative of gun powder. (July 2016)

2013 dry riesling classique

90 POINTS - This compelling, sophisticated wine was fermented and aged in 65% neutral French oak and 35% stainless steel tank—a strategy that is quite unusual in the Finger Lakes, where most Rieslings see only steel. The result is a low-toned, complicated wine of impressive textural depth. The nose is warm and rocky, with scents of golden kiwi, fennel, wet stone, and a whiff of something industrial. The palate is dry but layered, with a soft cushion of flesh that wraps around the strident acidity. Some earth notes like baked clay come through on the long, chalky finish. With the 2014 vintage, this wine became labeled as ‘Classique.’ (July 2016)

2014 riesling sunrise hill vineyard

94 POINTS - An electric wine that lights up the palate like fireworks. The nose is flinty and vibrant, with scents of bay leaf, oyster shell, kefir lime, and ash. The palate is tense and rocky with an acidity that vibrates in the mouth and extends forever into the finish. Gorgeous. (July 2016)

2014 riesling harvest ridge vineyard

92 POINTS - Bright yellow gold in hue. An incredibly expressive wine, this Riesling offers a gregarious nose of honeycomb, chamomile, and roasted lemons. The acidity is quite driving in the mouth, despite the impressive palate weight. A powerful wine with a big personality and a long, salty finish. (July 2016)

2014 riesling sawmill creek vineyard

90 POINTS - A riper-seeming Riesling from the Forge lineup, this wine offers a nose of apple cider, sweet smoke, golden apples, and fennel pollen. Despite the warmth of the nose, the palate is quite lean and focused, with an intense, mouth-watering acidity and pert finish. (July 2016)

2014 dry riesling les alliés

92 POINTS - An exotic wine, with a nose of raw cashews, quince, lemon curd, papaya and the subtle stamp of oak. The palate is lively and layered, with great textural complexity and a palate-coating, lanolin-like quality that carries through into the finish. A unique, and interesting wine. (July 2016)

2013 dry riesling les alliés

91 POINTS - The Les Alliés is effectively Forge’s reserve wine, assembled from select lots and aged for an extra three to four months in barrel. The nose is marked by scents of warm brown spices, butterscotch, white flowers, and hard cheese. The palate is lovely, with a punchy, expressive personality and a brighter acidity than the basic 2013 Riesling. A touch of flint comes through in the finish, as does a hint of oak. (July 2016)

2014 pinot noir classique

93 POINTS - A beautiful wine that stands out as one of the best Pinot Noirs I tried from the Finger Lakes. The color is impressive for the region—a deep garnet that diminishes at the rim. The nose evokes Burgundy with its scents of sweet cherries, potting soil, and cedar. The palate displays a touch of the region’s hallmark austerity but balances that with a fair amount of polish. While there is certainly more tannin than you would see in a Burgundy, they are more suave than in most Finger Lakes Pinots. An oak signature is certainly present, and while it does not distract, I certainly wouldn’t want any more of it. Very nice, very well-made. (July 2016)